Steeped in Spring

By Jenny Elig

March, specifically, is said to come in like a lion and out like a lamb. We should probably extend that to all spring months. Spring in Indiana is nothing less than a tantalizer for the good weather to come: one day warm and balmy, another day frigid and cold, the tease of spring demands nothing less than an all-weather beverage: Tea (see what we did there?). Here, some sippable southside offerings.

On the go
Circle City Kombucha Tea, Brickhouse Coffee,
100 Byrd Way, Greenwood (317) 550-0034,

We’ve gushed over kombucha tea before, but have we ever talked about Indy-based Circle City Kombucha? Locally brewed, this flavor-balanced fermented tea has natural sparkle. You’ll find it served at Greenwood’s Brickhouse Coffee in ginger lemon, pomegranate, peach blossom and blood orange flavors.

Out to lunch
Thai Iced Tea, House of Thai, 275 S. State Road 135, Greenwood (317) 889-0886,

You probably opted to dine at House of Thai for the broad menu of Thai cuisine classics. Or maybe you wanted to check out its extensive wine list. With all due respect to all that House of Thai has to offer, we’re here for the rich, decadent Thai iced tea. Made with strong black tea and spices, this beverage gets a hefty ladling of sweetened condensed milk, making a brew that straddles the link between drink and dessert.

On the town
Black Dragon Pearls, Suzy’s Teahouse & Bakery, 25 Court St., Franklin (317) 739-0800

Suzy’s Teahouse & Bakery features a staggering tea menu that demands more than a shortened timeline. The menu boasts six tea classifications: tisanes, oolong and pouchong, and black, green, white and yellow teas, making it decidedly difficult to pick just one. If we had to, we’d narrow our choices to Black Dragon Pearls, Genmaicha Matcha, Formosa Pouchong and Dragon Well. Want a bite to accompany your tea? Suzy’s is stocked with breads, pies, cakes, cookies and brownies, all made in the teahouse’s 100 percent gluten-free kitchen.