Salad Days

By Jenny Elig

Yeah, we know. When you go out to eat, a salad is probably the last thing you’re looking for. After all, dining out is time for indulgence. But the southside is full of fresh, mind-blowing salads that will seem just as indulgent as any other entrée. Here, a few options.


Kimu Asian Restaurant
1280 N. U.S. 31, Suite U, Greenwood, (317) 893-2221, Facebook at Kimu Asian Restaurant

Vietnamese, Japanese and authentic Burmese cuisine are specialties of this restaurant; these lighter cuisines make for a great summer meal. At Kimu, try the Burmese tea salad, a crunchy, slightly sour mix of greens. Not quite ready to eat tea leaves? Try the tofu salad or the noodle salad and wash it down with coconut juice. Feeling a little more or less adventurous? Try the Japanese ramen noodles, stir-fried pork with pickled mango or Kimu Special Soup.


The Healthy Food Café’s Beetbox Eatery
8028 Emerson Ave., Indianapolis,
(317) 476-2361,

You’re in the mood for salads, wraps and veggie bowls, but don’t have the time to go to a restaurant, settle in, chat with the wait staff, etc. Or maybe it’s late at night and everything is closed. You can now order fresh offerings via touchscreen interface at the BeetBox Eatery, located in front of The Healthy Food Café. Open 24 hours a day, BeetBox gives a new name to fast food; you place your order, and your salad (or grain bowl or yogurt bowl) is assembled by Sally the robot or “chowbot,” if you will. Sally’s pre-programmed recipes include mango kidney bean taco salad, crisp jicama and mango salad, and spicy spinach salad.


Arni’s Restaurant
1691 W. Curry Road, Greenwood,
(317) 881-0500,

You might think of Arni’s for its pizzas, but have you ever checked out its salad menu? From the classic wedge to the apple walnut chicken to the Mediterranean shrimp salad, it’s hard to settle on just one. If we had to pick, though, the Ava Rose chop salad — with its turkey, bacon, garbanzo beans, tomato, romaine blend, mozzarella and Parmesan draped in herb vinaigrette — might be the one. But then again, there is the Rio Grande BBQ chicken salad —featuring chicken breast, salsa, onion straws and a barbecue sauce and ranch dressing — which sounds delightful for a summertime dinner.