no bones about it

By Jenny Elig

Whatever has led you to eschew meat — whether it’s a way of life or you’re a tourist with no plans to stick around — there’s plenty to appreciate about a vegetarian diet. If you’re simply here for meatless Mondays or you’re well-versed in un-meat options, here are some southside spots for you to try. 

920 Virginia Ave., Indianapolis.
(463) 221-3669,

Head here for the meatless versions of fun pub food, you know, loaded nachos, stacked sandwiches and stacked salads. This Fountain Square venue serves un-meats made of seitan (chewy, meaty wheat gluten) and tofu. Go big and then go home and nap with the Buffalo Sheltonator, which features fried seitan, french fries, pickles, buffalo sauce, cheese sauce and aioli, served on a baguette. Sweeten things with a slice of German chocolate cake or batter-dipped and fried Oreos.

7415 U.S. 31, Indianapolis.
(317) 888-2600,

Open since 1977, this traditional restaurant features a staggering vegetarian section, with more than 30 vegetarian selections if you count the appetizers. And if you also nix dairy and eggs — that is you’re vegan — The Clay Oven has you covered, too. Try its Alloo Gobhi, that is, spiced potatoes and fresh cauliflower sautéed with onions, tomatoes and ginger. Or try the Bhindi Masala, a mildly spiced dish featuring cut okra sautéed with onion, tomatoes, green peppers and ginger.

39 E. Court St., Franklin.
(317) 739-0208,

Although decidedly not vegetarian-only, this cozy spot offers the Ultimate Vegetarian Wrap: a BLT, that is, bacon, lettuce and tomato. But wait a minute, bacon isn’t vegetarian! In this wrap, it is: The bacon is subbed out for succulent portobello mushroom strips. If you’re here only for starters, try the hummus plate, which is served with flatbread and fresh veggies.