Feelin’ Cheesy

By Jenny Elig

Remember that odd little illustrated yellow blob who loudly proclaimed, during PSAs crammed in between Saturday morning cartoons, his “hankering for a hunk of cheese”? No? Too young a crowd? It’s OK. Whether or not you remember Timer – which is what the yellow blob’s official name was – you can undoubtedly relate to his sentiment. Who hasn’t had a hankering for a hunk of cheese? Here, several southside options for when that cheesy craving hits.

On the Go
The Twisted Sicilian’s arancini,175 N. Morton St., Franklin, (317) 494-6235, www.thetwistedsicilian.com
Swing into this Franklin spot for Italian and Sicilian-inspired street foods. Originally founded as a food truck, The Twisted Sicilian has a brick-and-mortar location in Franklin, with a hearty menu of sandwiches, pastas, keto dishes, salads and friti – fried food – which brings us to the arancini. These fried, white wine rice risotto balls are stuffed with mozzarella, topped with pecorino cheese and served with house-made vodka sauce.

Out to Lunch
Main & Madison Market Café’s The Lotsa Cheese, 100 N. Main St., Franklin, (317) 736-6246, mainandmadison.cafe
Fontina, Fair Oaks Butterkase, mild cheddar and Tulip Tree Fromage Frais meet and melt together in this panini-pressed sourdough indulgence. If you need a post-panini pickup, you’re in the right spot: Main & Madison offers a robust coffee, tea and dessert menu.

On the Town
Arni’s loaded cheese fries, 1691 Curry Road Greenwood, (317) 881-0500, meetyouatarnis.com
When faced with the Arni’s menu, it’s a tough call between the loaded cheese fries, the garlic bread with cheese, the mozzarella cheese sticks and even the magnificent mushrooms. Arni’s, well-known for its pizza pies, believes in the value of a cheesy starter or finish. We’d probably have to hit the loaded cheese fries, which feature a mountain of crispy french fries, heaped with cheddar cheese sauce, bacon bits and diced green onions.