New coffee is flying high

By Sherri Coner, photography by Sherri Coner and submitted

Not one customer is jet-lagged or dragging luggage at Runway 19 Coffee Co., where the aviation theme celebrates traveling, relaxing and meeting new people.

Tucked in The Hangar in the north end of Emerson Pointe and close enough to Indy South Greenwood Airport to watch airplanes fly over, Runway 19 opened in September 2023 and is owned by The Garrett Restaurant Group and Garrett Companies, a multifamily real estate development company that built The Hanger apartments.

“We get a lot of pilots in here all the time,” said Nick Waldo, general manager of the unique coffee stop.

Immediately after opening, Runway 19 became a popular, everyday amenity for residents of The Hanger. But in less than a year, a steady stream of locals are also finding their way into this roomy, retro-flavored establishment, where fresh, high-quality products are served, and customers never miss their flight time for work or whatever other plans they may have due to slow service.

With easy access from Emerson Avenue, as well as County Line Road, plenty of parking and lots of seating make Runway 19 an easy landing for everyone. Friends and families love to gather at outdoor dining tables and couches to visit and enjoy menu items.

Other nearby coffee shops tend to close their doors around noon, but Runway 19’s management isn’t interested in serving only coffee-loving breakfast folks and early lunch crowds, according to Waldo, who brought a decade of coffee-industry experience to the shop.

“We are open all day, every day, seven days a week,” he said.

Coffee choices such as: ‘lift off light roast,’ ‘pilot’s blend dark roast,’ ‘layover decaf,’ ‘Miel latte’ and ‘brown sugar, cinnamon-shaker espresso’ are not only coffee connoisseurs’ favorites, but some are bagged and available as thoughtful holiday and special-occasion gifts for pilots and flight attendants.

Those with morning taste buds that steer away from coffee can also find a home at Runway 19.
Tea lovers enjoy chai tea latte, Bigelow hot tea and a London Fog latte, along with plenty of different flavored iced tea choices.

In addition to that extensive list of flavor favorites, such as wild raspberry, cinnamon, hazelnut and honey, the menu is made to cater to those with specific dietary needs by offering sugar-free vanilla, sugar-free caramel and sugar-free mocha drinks.

Different seasonal-flavor favorites also help guide visitors to the right “gate” with fun choices that include frosted-berry green tea and lavender lemonade blender.

Along with beverage options, the friendly flight crew at Runway 19 makes sure ovens are ready to go every day by 6 a.m. so customers can have their breakfast sandwiches made with fresh bagels, made with cheddar and chive cream cheese, sausage, fried eggs and sharp cheddar. Don’t forget to add an artisan wheat bagel with cheese or a croissant to that order.

Stuffed breakfast burritos are in high demand for both breakfast and lunch. With just one bite, customers discover a hearty blend of ham, sausage, scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes and sharp cheddar wrapped in jalapeno cheddar tortillas.

Guests also can order a toasty, warm, soft-baked granola with oats, carrots, apples, bananas and, of course, a chocolate or a Griffin brownie, which is a fudge-caramel brownie made with espresso. The Runway’s cinnamon, sugar-waffle bites with a brown sugar yogurt dip are always in high demand, as well.

For the lunch and dinner crowd, Runway 19 offers a rustic, grilled cheese sandwich created with toasted herb and cheese focaccia and sharp cheddar or just a ham and cheese croissant, as well as delicious soups, including homestyle chicken noodle soup and tomato bisque.

Additionally, the crew provides herb and cheese focaccia bread loaf, which is a take and bake item that patrons can prepare later, at home, for family and friends.

Speaking of family, the Runway 19’s flight crew is a dedicated team of animal lovers who invite customers
and their four-legged friends to stop by for Tuesday and Thursday Yappy Hour when the dog-friendly menu practically barks at every hungry pup. You can order a pup cup filled with whipped cream or a pup sundae that includes mini pup treats and whipped cream or a barkin’ breakfast bowl with an egg, ham and oats. Then, take home some treat bones for later that are made from house-baked bananas
and oats.

Dogs and their people are also invited to celebrate birthdays at the shop. Parties can include a pup sundae and puppy party hats. Human party hosts can order greenie beanies, which are dehydrated green beans, for all the puppy guests in attendance. Because other pet-friendly events take place throughout the calendar year, customers are encouraged to join Runway 19 Coffee Co. on Facebook or visit the website at so they never miss canine-inspired fun or other special events. For example, last October’s Halloween costume contest for customers and their beloved pets will likely be repeated this year.

The Runway 19 team has even made life easy for those chosen by their coworkers to stop by for group, to-go orders. For a speedy pickup, simply place and purchase orders online. Baggage claim retro lockers are strategically positioned inside Runway 19, underneath a neon sign that names the area as a pickup zone.

Who dreams up these creative ideas for special flavors and fun events at Runway 19?

“It’s a mixture between myself and my team,” Waldo said with a smile.