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Featured Piece: “River of Shimmering Light” by Corrine Hull

Hull is a plein air artist who paints landscapes outdoors; she also enjoys working in her studio. You can see her work at the Southside Art League gallery in Greenwood, the Brown County Art Guild and Museum in Nashville, on her website at or on Instagram @corrinehullart.

In Hull’s words, here’s more about “River of Shimmering Light.”

“The inspiration for this painting came one morning while painting along the Wabash River in southern Indiana. The river was shimmering with light, and I wanted to try to capture that.

“I chose pastel for my medium. I felt I could capture the softness as well as the detail using that medium.

“The painting took about four hours to complete. It started as a plein air study, which I brought back to the studio to finish. ‘En plein air’ means painting outside or in the open air. The Impressionists such as Monet and Degas were plein air painters.

“I chose the title because I wanted the viewer to focus on the light shining on the river, turning it silver. Perhaps a new way of looking at a scene.

“I hope my paintings will encourage viewers to look at their world differently, that there’s beauty in an old barn or the morning light on a river, turning it into a shimmering ribbon.”