Rich Green

Bringing the outdoors inside

Turns out this year, it is easy being green….
Kermit the Frog might sing of its troubles, but for 2022, green is THE color for summer, and your easy go-to to incorporate a little cheer and vibrancy into your wardrobe and home. What shade? Good news. This season, just about any will work — from commanding Kelly to cheerful lime or calming sage, pick the color pallet that works for you. The best and first rule: Like most things in life, moderation is key. When incorporating new, especially bold, colors into any wardrobe or room décor, your best bet is to sneak it in with touches and accents that compliment your core theme.
“Green is about bringing the outside in — nature, restful, youthful, calm — green is about all of that, says Dale Hughes, designer and owner of Dale Hughes Interior Design, Inc. “The color just draws people in and is so easy to incorporate. Hughes also has some good news for those looking to incorporate shades of green. “So many people have gone to shades of gray in the home, from wall colors to flooring, etc. and the good thing is, greens of all shades marry grays very nicely.
Hughes suggests bringing greens into your home through accessories, such as pillows, rugs, artwork and even indoor plants. For those wanting to make the move to green more long term, Hughes suggests using a green tone for an accent wall, kitchen backsplash or statement furniture piece.
Don’t be green with envy for those that are on-trend, incorporate the color of the summer in your space.