Growing with the Family

Martin and Christie Turner build a custom home to fit the family’s needs

By Greg Seiter  //  Photography by Angela Jackson

Martin and Christie Turner have had four years to adjust to the custom home they had built in the Duke Homes developed Sego Woods neighborhood in Bargersville, and yet, even after all that time, they’re still as excited today as they were when they first moved in.
Christie, a registered nurse, is originally from Cincinnati. Martin, a physician, hails from northern Indiana. The couple moved to Indianapolis in the summer of 2012, with the intent of being centrally located between their two families.
“We lived in the downtown area until we started having children and then we moved to the southside,” Christie said. “We lived in a house for a couple of years but as our family expanded, we decided to build.”
As they began that process, the couple developed an extensive wish list.
“We were looking for privacy in a wooded area and we wanted enough space for all three daughters to have their own bedrooms and bathrooms,” Martin said. “We also wanted to make sure there was enough room for out-of-town guests to spend the weekend.
“As far as location goes, we realized there are some places in the Bargersville and Center Grove area that are out a little bit but most are fairly close to stores and restaurants.”
Space and privacy were top priorities for Martin, Christie and their 5-, 7-, and 8-year-old daughters.
“It’s hard to find small neighborhoods with large lots, but we got really lucky,” Christie said. “Our lot is 2.3 acres. We’re hoping to stay here for the long term.”
The Turners also wanted their new home to have an open concept inside.
“I wanted to be able to do my daily activities and to still be able to hear and see the kids,” Christie said. “We also wanted to be able to entertain.”
The finished product is a multi-level, white brick house with black and grey accent window trimmings, awnings, shudders and down spouts on a wooded lot that boasts a circular front-entrance drive and a side-entry garage.
“Our goal was for the whole house to have a timeless look, inside and out,” Christie said.
Martin agreed.
“We wanted to have a traditional home with modern touches to it,” he added.
Large expanses of glass for scenic, outdoor views combine with the utilization of light paint colors, cabinetry, tiles and window framing to create an inviting and surprisingly warm atmosphere in the Turner’s home.
“The interior colors are white and light grey with charcoal accents,” Christie said. “We were going for a very clean, crisp feel.”
The friendly interior atmosphere is undoubtedly aided by the incorporation of offsetting darker colors used for hardwood floors in conjunction with some hanging light fixtures on stairway railings and throughout the kitchen area as part of backdrops, storage cabinets and a combination food prep/dining island.
“As you walk through the front door, an office is to your right and then to the left is a formal dining room. A staircase leading down to the basement is just past the office,” Christie said.
That’s where guests first catch a glimpse of the family’s unique, ornamental hand railing.
“We designed the black metal railing. It’s custom built,” Christie said.
There’s a butler’s pantry and sitting area in the kitchen overlooking a living room that is equipped with a fireplace and built-in shelving. The kitchen, which features chrome-colored appliances, has both built-in lights and gold-colored transparent hanging fixtures.
A master bedroom and mud room are also located on the first floor.
“The master bedroom has large windows and a decent-sized walk-in-closet,” Christie said. “There’s a small area within the closet for a washer and dryer. We also have a connected master bath.
“The mud room has lockers for the kids and a half bath.”
The home’s two-story entryway and great room can be more easily appreciated from multiple viewing spots upstairs, thanks to two separate spaces connected by a crosswalk, all lined with decorative black gating.
“As you go up the stairs, you’ll find two bedrooms with individual bathrooms on one side, and then, when you cross the walkway, you’ll find a third bedroom and bathroom on the other side,” Christie said. “If you continue down the hallway, there’s access to the attic, which is above the garage. There’s also a laundry room upstairs and a bonus room.”
The basement, already made into a livable space itself, still has room for additional growth.
“You walk downstairs into the basement’s main area and there’s a couch and large theater screen there,” Christie said. “We also have a home gym and a large island and bar.”
The guest bedroom there has a private area with a sink.
“It connects to a main bathroom with a walk-in shower and toilet, along with another sink,” Christie said. “The bathroom can be accessed from the bedroom, as well as from the main area.
“We left a large part of the basement unfinished so that’s a good space for toys. We may eventually expand the area but right now, the kids can roller skate or ride bikes or scooters there.”
With a four-car garage, the Turners also have some storage space outside.
In addition, there’s a restroom area in the garage.
“We have a pool, but we didn’t build a pool house, so if anyone needs a restroom, they can use the one in the garage,” Christie said.
Outside, just off the kitchen area, there’s a covered patio with an outdoor fireplace. That area leads to the family’s swimming pool.
“We kept the lot wooded,” Martin said. “It’s private and peaceful.”
The Turners are very happy with the decisions they made while having their home built, but of all the special features included in their now four-year-old house, a couple of favorites stand out in their minds.
“For having three kids, one of the best things we did was to have two laundry areas and a mud room added,” Christie said.
“Overall, I love the open space. It really helps bring the family together and makes it easy for us to interact.”
“The building process was positive for us,” she added. “We enjoyed building with Duke. They were reliable and honest.”