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Featured Piece: “The Sugar Bowl”
By Patty Coulter

Patty Coulter is a Southside Art League board member and artist who’s had a lifelong love of blue-and-white Chinese porcelain, which her aunts collected. “I have always loved these special pieces and have a series of paintings of various vases, dinner sets, soup tureens and pitchers,” she says. “I find many of these pieces in antique shops.”

Porcelain, Coulter says, represents well in her medium of choice, watercolor. “I have been painting in watercolor for over 25 years and love the transparency it offers,” she says. “From sketching to completion, a painting of porcelain takes many layers of watercolor washes.” Her watercolor process requires skill, control and, she says, “knowing when to stop.”

“The Sugar Bowl” features alstroemeria blossoms resting in a porcelain vessel, which features stylized birds of peace. Coulter has chosen this piece as her logo, and you can see it, as well as her other works, at